UPDATE: 12/10/2015 – League to require nets at all stadiums to protect fans from uncontrollable flying objects.

Boston, MA: Unprotected fans received another out of play ball during 7/10/2015 Boston v New York baseball entertainment game.

Stephanie Wapenski,  a MA woman living in Branford, Connecticut, was sitting along the third base line with her fiance, a fan who proposed to her last year at ballpark, when a ball came right at her. Wapenski said she was paying attention, but had no time to react when Yankees’
shortstop Didi Gregorius hit the ball in the fifth inning, striking her between the eyes.

“It just came right at me before I could think or react,” she told CBS Boston.

She told The Boston Globe, “It was like it knew who I was and had a vendetta.”

Afterward, she said, she had a massive headache. Wapenski received at least 3 dozen stitches to sew up the head injury.

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