Firework Awareness on this 4th of July
It’s that time of year when well-intended Independence Day fireworks – often spilling out for days before and after the 4th of July – can cause heightened anxiety, flashbacks and other triggers of painful memories.
The loud bangs, pops, flashes, and smells of gunpowder can trigger frightening memories for those affected by the Boston Marathon and the events in Watertown, especially those dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder.
The Massachusetts Resiliency Center will offer helpline support over this 4th of July weekend.  Please call 1-844-STRONG1 if you would like to talk. There’s no shame in experiencing a perfectly normal reaction to the perfectly unnatural trauma that so many have experienced as a result of the Boston Marathon & Watertown events.
Here are some tips for dealing with the fireworks this weekend:
  • Talk with your neighbors– it’s often the unexpected pops and fireworks that can catch you off guard rather than the planned fireworks shows in the evenings. If your neighbors can let you know when the loud noises are coming, it may make all the difference in the world.
  • Firework Displays in Massachusetts provides a listing of firework displays across Massachusetts.  A simple Google search of firework displays in your community can give you an approximate date and time of when to expect the big shows.
  • Plug in– if you stay home, basements are good noise mufflers, while noise-canceling headphones or earbuds playing your favorite playlist can be your best friend when things start to get loud.
  • Make a plan– if you choose to go out, make a plan with friends or family should you start to experience anxiety.  For example, think through where you want to sit, know where the exits are, and how you’ll get to a better place if anxiety starts to spike.
  • Know that we’re here– the Massachusetts Resiliency Center will have the hotline phone available throughout this holiday weekend.  Don’t hesitate to call 1-844-STRONG1 if you’re feeling anxious and would just like to talk.
We wish you nothing but a safe holiday weekend,
The Massachusetts Resiliency Center Staff