Boston, MA: The Mass Resiliency Center, located at the  Boston Medical Center, established for the Boston Bombings survivor closed August 31, 2017.

Kermit A Crawford, Ph.D. Executive Director, wrote the following:
Today is the last day of the Massachusetts Resiliency Center (RC). We began this journey in July, 2014, with commitment to help and with a mission. From there we built an organization to serve the entire Survivor Community, without qualification. In other words, our commitment was to every individual who identified her/himself to the RC as a Survivor and to provide the best quality wraparound services available.
I would like to thank the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Office of Victims Assistance (MOVA), Liam Lowney, for his and his staff’s support and consultation over these years. I would further like thank our collaborating partners for their unwavering service to the RC Community, including Cambridge Health Alliance, Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts, William James College, the Trauma Center, and the Medical-Legal Partnership. We would like to affirmatively acknowledge the contributions of many other agencies and individuals to the RC, as well.

I would like to thank the RC staff for its committed service, including Dr. Shamaila Khan, Ms. Sarah McCoy, Dr. Kevin Becker, Ellen Neiman, Stacy Corin, and Desiree Bender. We weathered the storms and continued on mission despite the challenges. For that I am truly grateful.
My understanding is that the Resiliency Center was the first victims’ services organization of its kind specifically focused on resiliency and strengths-based approaches to recovery. The RC stands as an example of what can be done on behalf of the strengths and determination of Survivors of trauma. We have seen inspiration in the eyes and acts of many of you, and are confident that you will continue to stride toward your “new normal”. Please continue your inspiring journey.
F or future services, we suggest that you contact MOVA for eligibility and consultation. The RC Website will remain open for a period of time with helpful information and resources, including a directory of services for ongoing needs.
Finally, and on a personal note, it has been a privilege and honor for me to serve as the RC’s Executive Director and to work with a wonderful staff and community. Thank you all for the trust, encouragement, patience and, of course, for the participation. We were totally committed to making a positive difference in all we did.
Warmest regards, Kermit A Crawford, Ph.D. Executive Director